PP Timer has various options that you can customize to your liking, all of which are listed below.

Choose whether the timer should have an analog or digital layout.

Set the number of minutes to have the timer countdown from.

Set the number of seconds to have the timer countdown from.

Select from one of three fonts: Open Sans, Roboto Slab or Lobster

Font Size
Set the font size.

Set the color of the timer (only applies to the digital timer).

Start Text
Set the text that will show up before starting the timer.

End Text
Set the text that will show up after the timer has finished.

Background Image
Set an image to display behind the timer.

Background Color
Select a background color for the timer.

Last Minute Countdown
Have the clock change to countdown the last minute using the full clock (only applies to analog timer).

End Sound
Select a sound to play when the time is up.

Count Forward?
Have the timer count upwards, like a stopwatch.

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