Frequently Asked Questions

For PP Timer to work, you need a working internet connection.

I’m on a work or school account, can I use PP Timer?
Yes. There are two ways:

  • You buy it yourself with your work or school account via the Office Store. Microsoft made it possible to install add-ins with work or school accounts. See this blog post from Microsoft. However, you might need to contact your system administrator to enable this feature in their Office 365 Admin Center under Settings Apps Office Store.
  • Your company or school orders a (multiple) user license. The add-in will be deployed via the Office 365 Admin center. So, there is no need to buy the add-in via the Office Store with work or school accounts. Your system administrator will receive a so-called XML add-in manifest so they can deploy the add-in company or school wide.

When I try to start the timer it skips to the next slide
Because this is a so-called content add-in it’s required that you click within the ‘add-in window’. If you click outside the window, then PowerPoint thinks you want to go to the next slide. Also, you can’t use the keyboard to start the timer. You have to click within the add-in area. If the timer doesn’t start, it’s likely a PowerPoint bug. Please try updating to the latest version of PowerPoint or contact us.

What can I use PP Timer for?
You can use a timer within PowerPoint to let your audience see how much time there is left for a certain task, break or anything else, during your presentation. You can use PP Timer to create these countdown timers and insert them directly into your slide.

How can I install PP Timer?
The installation goes via the Office Store. Read more on the Download page.

Can I use PP Timer without PowerPoint?
No, you need PowerPoint for this timer to work.

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